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Goodbye Livejournal [21 Dec 2008|09:42am]
[ mood | creative ]

I have installed WordPress and will be using that for my blogging going forward. I have exported all the posts into the new blog, and this will be the last post here.

The new blog is located at: http://ericgramond.com/blog .

See you there!

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Honeymoon Photos! [14 Dec 2008|03:15pm]

Originally uploaded by egramond
The honeymoon photos are finally up. The full set is available here. Now all we've got left to do is the thank you notes!
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Wedding pics [07 Dec 2008|12:50pm]
Ok, I suck. It's been over a month, and here are the wedding pictures our photographer took.
Follow this link, click on "clients" at the bottom, and put in "beau" for the password.
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Cruisin... [12 Nov 2008|08:08pm]
[ mood | slothful ]

We're off on our honeymoon on the Sapphire Princess, cruising up and down the coast of mexico. We're fat and happy and I had too many magaritas this morning in Mazatlan. Next stop: zip-lining in Cabo san Lucas...

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They are coming [07 Nov 2008|01:44pm]
[ mood | undead ]

Prepare yourselves.

Left 4 Dead

November 17th. Right after I get back from my honeymoon. I swear it's a coincidence.

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Wedding update [05 Nov 2008|10:49am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

The wedding was great. It's been almost a week and I havent said a word or even posted a photo. My apologies. We've been trying to catch up with everyone while they were still in town. We're still trying to put all the presents away, too. Holy Cow. Our registry was almost cleaned out. Special props to the Gregorys and the Mockos for being the first.

Here are a few photos to keep you all happy until I get a chance to update the site.
Quyens flickr photos
Nghias blog photos
Conrad Lim teasers

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ding dong [31 Oct 2008|03:20pm]
Time to go get married.
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As it should be. [13 Oct 2008|02:14pm]
Saturday night was the Bachelor party. I can't tell you what happened that night, but I can tell you I had the worst hangover of my life on Sunday.

Good thing we got the Columbus Day 3 day weekend so I can recover for an extra day.
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Iterators are the new Enumerations [02 Oct 2008|11:30am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Those java for-each loops and generics are like peanut butter and jelly. I really get to appreciate it now that we're using java 1.5 at work and I'm writing brand new code for a change.

for(Iterator iter = tagList.iterator(); iter.hasNext(); ) {
Tag tag = (Tag) iter.next();

for(Tag tag : tagList) {

Goodbye ClassCastExceptions, Goodbye figuring out what is in that List, and Goodbye Iterators. I won't be missing you!

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Oui oui [02 Sep 2008|03:24pm]
Nous sommes en France. Le mariage d'Elodie a ete super. On a fait la bringue jusqu'a trois heures et demi du mat. Il fait beau et Christina se debrouille tres bien avec son Francais. Elle adore les fromages qui puent, et s'entend bien avec ma famille.

Les nouveaux chatons de ma mere sont super mignons, et tres joueurs. On postera des photos dèeux bientot.

Bon donc en general jusqu'ici, les vacances se passent tres bien.

Sacrebleu!!! Je vois qu'ils ont rajoutes des pubs sur le cote a droite. Bon, ben non-merci. Je vais trouver moyen de m'en debarasser des que je rentres. S'il faut que je vires Livejournal, et ben on fera comme ca. Tout le reste du monde est deja parti trouver autre chose il y a longtemps de toutes facons.
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White Hair [07 Aug 2008|03:10pm]
I have been getting my first white hairs. They are on my chin, in my goatee. I tried plucking them out, but they grew right back out the next week, just as white. I guess you can't stop time that easily.

There is still no sign of them on top of my head, but it is clearly only a matter of months now. Looks like I might have a bunch of white hair on top of my head before it all falls off. The race is on...
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Le Rock Bande [22 May 2008|03:26pm]
Thanks to the European release of Rock Band, there are now 2 downloadable French tracks that can be added to the game.

Preparez vous to Rocker!
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Edmunds Mustache Day [21 May 2008|04:02pm]

Edmunds Mustache Day
Originally uploaded by egramond
Last Friday was Edmunds Mustache Day. I went for the Musketeer look. Gus in the middle grew that thing practically overnight.
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She's back [02 May 2008|07:57pm]
Christina is finally back. For good. It's really good to have her back.
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Leetmonkey: Priorities [20 Apr 2008|10:51am]
I'm on a roll. Here comes another episode of Leetmonkey. We originally took the picture of Gina and Cynthia snuggling in a blanket on my couch during movie night. When I later noticed army-bear sitting on the side of the couch, it didn't take long for me to come up with something for him to say. Sorry girls. You're famous now.

Leetmonkey: Priorities
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[19 Apr 2008|02:50pm]
The latest Leetmonkey episode is out. This is a follow up to the last one, so you might want to go read that one first...

Episode 12: Compromised
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The petition [09 Apr 2008|10:37am]
Ah, I remember the fun days of getting drunk and going to see 'House Of The Dead' and laughing at how bad it was.  We were the only ones in the theater, except for this one other dude.  Fond memories. 

5 movies later, Uwe Boll still hasn't been able to direct anything that scored above 4% on rottentomatoes.   

Sign the petition asking him to retire.  Please. 


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Sweet and Sour [08 Apr 2008|02:55pm]

I realized a few things recently.  I'm too lazy to write a novel about each of them, so I shall just break it down the easy way instead...

Things are cool:

  • Autoboxing
  • The new Rock Band in-game music store
  • Aimee Mann
  • Biker-Ninjas
  • Girls with Photoshop skills


Things that suck:

  • Delation
  • JMX MBeans    (technically, I realized they _still_ suck)
  • Finishing all my PSP games
  • Under-inflated tires
  • Sad fish
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Episode 11: Creative Disruption [05 Apr 2008|09:54pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

My birthday is coming up tomorrow, and my wife just bought me a PSP.  I am the luckiest man on earth.  Christina, you are the best and I love you!

Of course, a new toy for me also means a new toy for the plushies, and it didn't take long before they started playing Patapon on the new handheld console, and of course, taunting each other...

Episode 11: Creative Disruption

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It's about time. [31 Mar 2008|11:48am]
[ mood | jubilant ]

On July 1st, the law that forbids using handheld cell phones while driving will finally kick in in California.   I'm curious to see if it changes anything.  One in four drivers I see go by is on their cell phone right now.


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